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Training Manuals

Don Briggs has authored two specialized training manuals that have helped many people for different reasons. Whether it’s fine-tuning ones Sales Skills Solutions or expanding on Career Development; both of these training manuals have been very useful and productive to others.

Dynamic Sales Solutions” – 234 pages packed with Sales and Life Training Solutions.

This was the very first specialized training manual dedicated to sales training programs. Several chapters are also included in the second training manual, “Job Search Solutions”. Included in this manual are major topics such as: Professional Etiquette, Record Keeping- Information That Matters, Plan – Prepare – Execute, Building Better Tomorrows Starting With Today, 10 P’s of Business Success, Networking 4 Fun & Profit, Profitable Customer Relationships, Service vs. Selling, Jump Start Your Day, Cold Calling & Prospecting Made Easy, Making Every Call Count, Common Sense Selling 101, Follow-Up, The Commitment Process, and The Final Score.

“Job Search Solutions” – 163 pages helping individuals with Career Development.

This extensive manual is to help prepare individuals seeking career employment or improving on the career they already have. Specifics of the “Job Search Solutions Manual” are to help Search for the Best Jobs, Coaching for Success and Direction with a Purpose. Provided in this manual includes: Get Motivated and Expect to SUCCEED, Searching for the Best Jobs / Career Counseling, Resumes, Cover Letters, and Thank You Letters, Interviewing – A Language of its Own, Time Management – Make the Best of the time you have, Short-Term and Long-Term Goals, Financial & Asset Management, Life Coaching and Direction with A Purpose.

Both of these specialized training manuals serve specific needs. They are available upon request at a nominal fee.

Please call Don at 301-471-4343 or send an email to [email protected] to order your specific specialized training manual. These items are FEE based, but Don will cover the cost for the shipping. Please allow three-to-four weeks for delivery of your order.

“Because I expect to SUCCEED I find it easy to take action on achieving my goals”


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