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Life is rather complicated at times with many things happening all at once. It’s like trying to juggle with many balls up in the air all at one time. Sometimes one or several of the balls fall to the floor. Life can sometimes be the same way. Whether it’s personal, to improve relationships with family and/or partners, career development or business concerns; we find that having a Life Coach is so important to present a positive empathetic listening technique, and provide career direction with a purpose.

A Life Coach is part of an integrated approach to organizational development. The coaching process is a partnership between the coach and the client. The goal is to support the client, to maximize their potential, achieve desired outcomes, attain maximum levels of success and actually live the life of their dreams.

Satisfaction comes by helping people to be the very best they can be, touching people’s lives, and guiding them to reach their own goals.

The belief is that everyone has the power within themselves to unleash that power and control situations and achieve more desirable outcomes. When the client makes a commitment to take the necessary actions they will find fulfillment that can be achieved.

“A Life Coach is there for support, direction, motivation, and guidance”

“Whatever we vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, enthusiastically act upon; must inevitably come to pass”

Paul J. Myer

Don Briggs - Personal Trainer & Life Coach



Don Briggs, as a Life Coach, is about listening with a cheerful and motivated attitude helping people through their tough times. 

Sometimes people have concerns that can be varied from identifying strengths from their weaknesses, separating dreams from goals, and removing the roadblocks for a more positive level of success.

Life can bring forth many relevant concerns and selecting a Life Coach who can help their clients achieve what they want is so important for the ultimate peace of mind.

“(Effort + Ability) x (Knowledge + Skills) = Results”

Why us?

Life Coaching Services Includes:

FREE 20 minute Coaching Session

Additional coaching sessions –

Fee Based

History and goals assessment.

Documented information provided as needed.

The Right Life Coach

Don Briggs, Personal Trainer & Life Coach has been a coach for many. More than five decades have been fantastic helping others in different industries such as: Banking, Finance & Investments, Mortgage Servicing, Insurance, Environmental, Translation & Technology, Office Equipment and Sales, Retail Marketing, and Charitable Organizations. Don has been in the people business for a long time and brings a special interest in helping people.

His ability of Public Speaking has brought him into large gatherings of people sharing a positive message of hope and determination to succeed in life and business. His range has reached out into all 50 states and internationally sharing positive words of encouragement. Don is a graduate of The Coaching Academy and enjoys reaching out and helping people.

Don Briggs

Personal Trainer & Life Coach


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